Hunger Awareness Challenge 2017

By September 6, 2017News

In honour of Hunger Awareness Week (September 17th to 22nd, 2017) the Agape Food Bank and Soup Kitchen has launched a Hunger Awareness Fundraising Challenge to help raise funds and awareness to issues faced by individuals who suffer from hunger or lack access to fresh and nutritious food. 

I have been invited to participate in this local challenge as a “Hunger Awareness Champion” by eating only food items provided from the food bank for a single person over 6 days. I will be provided with a $10 allowance to spend on any food items for the week and may also choose 6 items from my personal pantry from a list of acceptable items, (including coffee, tea, spices, etc.). I am asked to refrain from eating out, attending gatherings where food is served and from any alcoholic beverages. I am also encouraged to attend the soup kitchen for at least one meal during the challenge week.

I welcome your meal planning and food preparation tips to stretch the food supply for the entire week. I will soon post the list of  food and staples I have to available to me.

Finally, I am asked to solicit moral and financial support from those willing to pledge funds towards this 6-day challenge with a goal of raising $1000 for the Agape Centre.  All donations over $20 will receive a charitable receipt from Agape. Please use the pledge form below to make a donation.

I have been asked to communicate my experience so I will share my experience daily via social media and other media interviews: I hope you will follow my story and add your comments to encourage me along.

For more information, please visit

Thank you for interest in the Hunger Awareness Challenge and for your support.

Debbie St John-de Wit, Executive Director

Poster-Debbie St. John-de Wit

Pledge Form

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