Balance for Life

Balance for Life is a group exercise for older adults. Build strength and balance; learn how to prevent falls & have fun!

Balance for Life is comprised of:

  • A pre-class evaluation to assess areas of balance, walking, standing, sitting and other activities.
  • Education sessions helping participants to develop confidence in preventing falls and assist participants to identify risks for falls.
  • Group exercise classes led by a certified instructor
  • Information on home exercises that, together with other program components, reduce the risk of falls.
  • A post-program evaluation to assess the impact of the program.



Yes, you are required to register. Please contact 613-930-4892 ext. 229 for more information


There is no cost for the program.


  • Consists of two one-hour classes per week for 12 consecutive weeks.
  • Pre- and post-program assessments as part of program.
  • Participants are encouraged to attend all classes.
  • Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear.
  • Bring a list of medications
  • Three different activity levels. Use this tool to figure out what activity level is best for you.