Finding Help When You Are a Caregiver

Programs can be general in nature or specialized.  There are programs available for when you are supporting someone living with Parkinson’s or dementia or if the person is in palliative care.

The types of programs that can provide you with support include learning more, emotional support, respite or practical help.  Finding what you need on the web can be challenging.  Starting with what you are looking for can narrow your search.  For example, if you are caring for someone with Parkinson’s you could narrow your search by looking for Parkinson’s caregiver support versus just caregiver support.

The website CareDove contains links to many of the programs available to support you.  Once you are on the site,  you put in your address or postal code and select the type of program you want and it will tell you what programs are available to you.  From that page you can refer yourself to the program by clicking the Book Now button and the program team will connect with you.

Taking care of a family member or friend in the community can be both emotionally and physically challenging. There are programs in Eastern Counties to help you.

Emotional Support

Talking about your experience can help ease the stress. Find the type that is right for you: one-on-one with a counsellor or in a group of people living similar experiences. There are many options to help you.

Learning More

Understanding the disease process, how to manage stress or provide physical care can make your journey a little easier.


Getting a break from caregiving – Taking a break is something that most caregivers struggle with. However, once they try it they realize the importance of having time apart.

Practical Help

Along with the demands of providing care and support comes the everyday chores that need to be done; meals, cleaning, laundry and yard work may be more that a caregiver can handle. Getting some help with the day-to-day chores can provide support.