Lung Health

Meet with a Nurse Practitioner and Respiratory Therapist and learn about:

  • Lung disease (COPD & Asthma)
  • Medications (puffers & inhalers)
  • How to prevent attacks


Services provided also include:

  • Breathing assessment
  • Spirometry testing
  • Education about how you can manage your lung disease
  • Tips on staying healthy
  • Smoking cessation support for those living with lung disease
  • Diagnosis of lung disease
  • Medical management of lung disease
  • Immunization updates for flu/pneumonia
  • Referral to pulmonary rehab to improve physical endurance for those living with lung disease


Doctor or Nurse Practitioner referral or self-referral required. Call Jo Ann at 613-936-0306 ext. 263 for more information.

Click here for the Lung Health Self-Referral Form.

Further resources are available here: