Please make a list of your symtoms and questions. Have your medication with you. If you are able to take your blood pressure and/or temperature please have this information ready.

  • For phone visits: We will call you at the number we have on file at your scheduled appointment time. Be aware that there will be times that your appointment will be delayed.  Consider your privacy: Who is in the room or near by.
  • For video visits: A video visit is a private, secure face to face appointment by computer, tablet or smart phone.  The appointment is not recorded.

A couple of days before your appointment, we will send you a link via email to join the video call at the time of your scheduled appointment. In this e-mail you will have an opportunity to try the link to ensure it is working. You will need to use Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 or Microsoft Edge as your internet browser. If you encounter difficulty and need assistance a phone number is provided in the e-mail.

Test your camera and internet and make sure you device is plugged in

Prior to your first video visit (“eVisit”), you will be asked to consent to receiving your care virtually. Please note that once consent is given, it is your right to withdraw or place limitations on this consent at any time.

Choose a room for your video visit, preferably a place that is quiet, private and has good lighting.

Ask others in the house to refrain from streaming or playing online games.

If the connection is interrupted or poor, your primary care provider or health professional will contact you by phone.

You are encouraged to conduct your virtual visit in a private setting. Seaway Valley CHC cannot be held responsible for any breach of confidentiality occurring as a result of your decision to conduct your virtual visit in an unsecured or public environment.