Finding my Authenticity

Welcome to our in-person 6-week trauma-informed group program! 
Led by a social worker and a volunteer, each week delves into essential topics designed to promote understanding, healing, and growth. From exploring the effects of trauma on the brain and body to learning practical coping skills, participants will gain invaluable insights and tools to navigate their healing journey. We will use a combination of psychoeducation, group discussions, experiential exercises, and mindfulness techniques.
*Note: The is a psychoeducational group, not an emotional support group. This program does not replace trauma psychotherapy.

This program is for anyone 18+ who finds themselves…

·         Avoiding life experiences

·         Escaping difficult feelings

·         Accepting destructive self-talk

·         Lacking direction

·         Repeating unhelpful behaviours

·         Focused on the past and/or future

·         Inflexible toward change

Anyone interested in action-oriented (experiential) learning and practice is welcome to register.