Finding my Authenticity

As recommended by numerous program graduates, all those who seek to register for the Finding My Authenticity Program must first complete the 10-week Emotions and Me program. For more information about the Emotions and Me group, please click here.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is about empowering people to create psychological flexibility, which includes the ability to be psychologically present, and the ability to direct your behavior to serve meaningful life values. 

This program is for anyone 18+ who finds themselves…

·         Avoiding life experiences

·         Escaping difficult feelings

·         Accepting destructive self-talk

·         Lacking direction

·         Repeating unhelpful behaviours

·         Focused on the past and/or future

·         Inflexible towards change

This group program provides opportunities for:

·         willingness and “showing up”

·         being present to emotional experience; and

·         being present to vulnerability through support of others.

This is a trauma-informed 8-week program, offered virtually or in-person. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours.

Anyone who is interested in action-oriented (experiential) learning and practice is welcome to register.